See the universe where your story lives

You’ve created a universe with living, breathing characters, vivid locations, and other dynamic elements.

You’ve poured your soul into giving them life on the page.

Now let StoryScope help you take them further.

Editing character information

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What magic is this?

StoryScope is the writer’s assistant you wish you could afford to hire. Add into StoryScope all of the characters, objects, locations, and other random reference material that comprise your universe. Then, in the editing software of your choice (Google Docs, Scrivener, MS Word, etc.), relevant information appears contextually as you write. StoryScope is compatible with any writing software you use, no plug-ins or complex setup required…it just works.

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With StoryScope  

SEE your characters, objects, & locations in context as you write

Adjust your story’s timeline to get updated visual representation

Write with the software you want…StoryScope does not replace your writing software, it enhances it

Share your “universe” with anyone (collaborators, editors, etc.)

‚ÄúStoryScope lets me keep the character I’m writing at any given moment front-and-center in my mind, helping my characters to retain their unique personalities.”


-S. G. Emerson, author

All your reference material in one convenient location.

 Your reference material is your guidebook that helps you define and maintain the rules of your universe. Finding the notes you need…precisely when you need them…can be a challenge. StoryScope aggregates all of your notes within your universe file, and the relevant notes are presented to you as you type. No more digging through endless Google docs or digging through old downloads to find some obscure PDF file. All your notes are there, organized by category, in individual notes. 


StoryScope: See Inside Your World

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