StoryScope keeps your mind in your universe.

Reactive Response is the key to letting your writing flow

Let’s face it…when you switch away from your writing software for any reason, it breaks your train of thought. You were in the zone, words flowing like water from your fingertips, and then you lost it.

Once you are out of that state of mind, it’s really hard to reacquire it. One of the greatest challenges to productivity as a writer is distractions. StoryScope helps by keeping you focused on your story.

The StoryScope Universe File

  • Becomes *the bible* for your universe
  • Expand it over time to encompass all your sequels and other derivative works
  • Share it with collaborators
  • Coming soon…automated cloud storage!

“I wrote StoryScope to help me organize my story elements. My daughter inspired it, but it has evolved into a tool I depend on for my own projects. Seeing all of my information constantly update as I write is kind of magical.”

John Nagle

Author of StoryScope

StoryScope is your writing companion, providing you key insights into your story with every word you write. It doesn’t matter which software you use to write, StoryScope works with everything. It’ll even respond if you’re discussing your story elements in Slack, via e-mail, Messenger…literally anywhere you write about them.

Tracking the changes in your story’s elements over time can prevent major plot inconsistencies. For example, if we see a character referenced in the story and that character should have died three chapters ago, you’ll see that. Or if a house was destroyed in a storm but later in the story your characters are moving in, you’ll see that as well.

Also, actually seeing your characters as you write their dialogue, their mannerisms, and so on will help you keep them consistent from scene to scene. “Cast” your story with the actors you imagine would play them (using photos from the internet), and then it becomes easier to get inside their head and write for them.



Characters age. They get tattoos, and scars, and change their hair. They are not statues, they are alive and StoryScope gives you the tools to track their histories. 


Objects can be anything that is important to your story. It can be static (unchanging) or change over time. Think of the Infinity Gauntlet in Avengers. As the story unfolds, additional stones are added to it. StoryScope lets you change an object’s appearance over time.


This is where the action happens! And, just like with characters and objects, locations often change over time. As an example, consider a post-apocalyptic setting. What did the various cities and towns look like before and after the apocalypse? And again after reconstruction?


Having your notes and reference materials on hot standby is a great way to keep your flow as a writer. StoryScope automatically loads and displays relevant reference material *as you type* so you never have to stop and dig through a hundred documents to find that obscure reference to that Aztec goddess.

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